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We are a leading playground installation company based in the Deal and offer a wide range of services to all regions.

Our company specialises in the installation of outdoor playground equipment and playground safety surfacing in Deal, creating fun and safe environments for children of all ages.

Our work has taken us to many locations, developing a new playground for spaces such as primary schools, nurseries, and public parks that can help children develop and learn.

With our many years of experience and skills in installing playgrounds, we will work with clients throughout the whole process.

We offer a wide range of playground equipment and safety surfaces in Deal that can be used to develop a fantastic outdoor play area for children of all ages and meet the national health and safety guidelines.

To learn more about our company or to work with us, please get in touch.

Why Use Us?

We are playground installers in Kent and we operate across the country to make safe, high-quality, and fun playgrounds for children of all ages.

Our team is fully certified and qualified to provide secure installation of all playground equipment, and we work with specialist designs to create a unique plan for your space.

With over 10 years of experience, we can create any kind of playground that you desire and know the best options for children and toddlers.

Our work is done using the highest quality materials to ensure maximum safety and durability, and all equipment is made by our certified installation team.

Our company offers a wide range of playground equipment in Deal to suit any site, from schools to public green areas.

With our help, you can create a fun and safe environment where children can explore, have fun, and learn valuable life skills.

To work with us, please contact the team today.

Types of Playground Equipment We Offer

The types of playground equipment we offer in Deal, include:

  • Slides: Traditional, spiral, tube, and wave varieties.
  • Swings: Standard, tyre, and infant swings.
  • Climbing Structures: Monkey bars, climbing walls, rope nets, and jungle gyms.
  • Trim Trails: They consist of various stations designed to improve fitness and coordination.
  • Seesaws: Traditional and spring-based models.
  • Roundabouts: Classic and modern spins.
  • Sandboxes: Often paired with diggers or other sand toys.
  • Spring Riders: Animal shapes or vehicles mounted on springs.
  • Balance Equipment: Balance beams and stepping stones.
  • Playhouses: Wooden or plastic structures simulating houses.
  • Merry-Go-Rounds: Larger, rotating platforms.

These elements foster physical activity, balance, coordination, and social interaction among children.

There are many types of playground equipment we can supply to schools, nurseries and other playgrounds across the country.

From toddlers to older children, we can install equipment that will make a complete playground to aid the children’s sense of adventure as well as help them learn valuable life skills like socialisation and problem-solving.

Our company works in the design and construction of play equipment, and this can be tailored to suit the environment. With our help, you can have a space that kids and parents will love.

We can offer a site survey to determine what kind of playground equipment is best for your school or nursery, so please contact us today.

Playground Surfacing Types We Offer

To ensure that our playgrounds are safe and suitable for kids of all ages, we can also aid in the installation of playground safety surfacing such as:

Wetpour in Deal

Wetpour is a type of safety surfacing commonly used in playgrounds.

It’s made from rubber granules bound together with a specialist resin, creating a continuous, seamless surface.

Wetpour surfacing is durable, low-maintenance, and available in various colours and designs, making it popular for creating safe and visually appealing play areas for children.

Rubber Mulch in Deal

Rubber mulch is a popular playground safety surface, which is made from shredded rubber, often recycled from tyres.

Rubber mulch offers several benefits, including excellent durability, long-lasting colour retention, weed suppression, and moisture retention in the soil.

Additionally, it provides a cushioning effect, making it suitable for playgrounds and other areas where impact absorption is important.

Artificial Grass in Deal

Artificial grass with a shockpad layer is a popular choice for playground surfacing, combining aesthetic appeal with safety features.

All playground surfacing should be installed to meet the safety guidelines of local authorities based on your location.

Artificial grass offers several advantages, including low maintenance requirements, consistent appearance year-round, durability, and water conservation. It’s available in various styles and colours to suit different preferences and applications.

Playground Installation Costs

The average cost of playground installation in the UK starts at £5,000 – £30,000.

However, playground installation costs can vary widely depending on factors such as the size of the playground, the type of equipment and surfacing chosen, site preparation requirements, labour costs, and any additional features like fencing or landscaping.

It’s essential to obtain quotes from reputable playground equipment suppliers and installation professionals to get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs and budget.

What does Playground Installation Involve?

Installing a new playground in Deal can be a complex project based on the size of the area and the materials required.

Our company works in the construction and installation of playgrounds across the UK, helping to develop a complete play area from scratch.

We will work with you throughout the entire process, which starts with a playground design based on your requirements.

Over the years, we have worked with schools nurseries and local authorities to construct outdoor play areas for children of all ages, and require your support during the initial design to ensure it is suitable for your space.

Following the design process, we then work to determine what playground equipment is required to make the play zone.

We have a wide supply of outdoor playground equipment available across Deal, ensuring we can work on any playground design.

If safety surfaces are required before the installation of play equipment, our construction team can work with these requirements.

Once the site is prepared, we can begin to install the playground equipment based on the unique playground design made by our team.

We can design a play space for kids of all ages and will determine the best layout for you.

Where is Playground Equipment Installed?

Playground equipment is commonly installed in various settings, each serving different age groups and purposes. Key locations include:

  • Primary Schools: Enhances outdoor play and learning, tailored to school-aged children.
  • Nurseries: Features equipment suitable for toddlers and pre-schoolers, focusing on safety and sensory play.
  • Early Years School Facilities: Designed for young children, fostering motor skills and social interaction.
  • Holiday Parks: Offers entertainment for children of holidaymakers, often more extensive and adventurous.
  • Shopping Centres: Provides a play area to engage children while parents shop, often smaller and indoor.
  • Housing Estates: Community playgrounds for residents, fostering social interaction and active lifestyles.
  • Public Green Spaces: In parks and open spaces, accessible to the wider community, often with diverse equipment catering to all ages.

In each of these settings, the choice of equipment and surfacing is tailored to the needs and safety of the specific age groups and the available space.

Playground Installation Benefits

The installation of playgrounds offers numerous benefits, impacting children’s development and the broader community. Key advantages include:

  • Physical Health: Encourages active play, improving fitness, balance, and coordination.
  • Social Skills: Facilitates interactions, fostering friendships and teamwork.
  • Cognitive Development: Stimulates imagination and problem-solving skills.
  • Emotional Well-being: Provides a fun environment, reducing stress and enhancing mood.
  • Motor Skills: Develops fine and gross motor abilities through diverse physical activities.
  • Accessibility: Inclusive play areas cater to children of all abilities, promoting equality.
  • Community Engagement: Acts as a social hub, strengthening community bonds.
  • Outdoor Learning: Offers educational opportunities in an outdoor setting.
  • Safety: Provides a safe, controlled environment for play away from hazards like traffic.
  • Property Value: Enhances the attractiveness of a neighbourhood, potentially boosting property values.

Overall, playgrounds are vital for holistic child development and enriching community life.

Benefits of Working with a Playground Installation Company

Working with a playground installation company offers several benefits:

  • Expertise: Professional knowledge in designing age-appropriate, safe playgrounds.
  • Quality Assurance: Assurance of high-quality, durable equipment and materials.
  • Safety Compliance: Adherence to safety standards and regulations.
  • Customised Design: Ability to tailor playgrounds to specific needs and preferences.
  • Project Management: Efficient handling of the installation process from start to finish.
  • Time-Saving: Reduces the time burden on the client, managing all aspects of the installation.
  • Aftercare Services: Often includes maintenance and repair services post-installation.
  • Risk Management: Minimises risks associated with self-installation and ensures professional risk assessments.
  • Warranty and Support: Provides warranties and customer support for the equipment.
  • Community Engagement: Expertise in designing inclusive spaces that cater to diverse community needs.

To work with us, or to get a quote, contact the team today.

Other Services We Provide

In addition to Deal playground installation, our playground installation company can offer a range of other services, including playground repairs and play area maintenance.

  • Playground Repairs: Addressing wear and tear, vandalism, or weather damage to equipment. This can include replacing broken parts, repainting surfaces, and ensuring all equipment meets current safety standards.
  • Play Area Maintenance: Regular maintenance services to keep the playground in optimal condition. This includes inspecting and tightening bolts, replenishing surface materials like sand or rubber mulch, cleaning equipment, and checking for potential hazards.
  • Safety Inspections: Conducting regular safety audits to ensure the playground adheres to the latest safety regulations and standards. This can help in identifying potential issues before they become serious.
  • Upgrades and Modernisation: Updating older playgrounds with new equipment or features to meet current trends, improve safety, and increase appeal.
  • Accessibility Improvements: Modifying existing playgrounds to improve accessibility for children with disabilities, ensuring inclusive play opportunities.
  • Consultation Services: Offering expert advice on playground design, safety standards, and suitable equipment for different age groups and abilities.
  • Surfacing Services: Installation and maintenance of safety surfacing, such as wetpour, rubber mulch, or artificial grass, to ensure a safe playing environment.
  • Custom Design Services: Designing unique playgrounds tailored to specific themes, spaces, or community needs.
  • Landscaping Integration: Integrating playgrounds seamlessly with the surrounding landscape, including planting, pathways, and seating areas.
  • After-Sales Support: Providing ongoing support and advice post-installation to help maintain the playground in top condition.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do Playground Installers do?

Playground installers perform a range of tasks to ensure that playgrounds are safely and effectively set up. Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Site Assessment: Evaluating the installation site for space, safety, and suitability for specific equipment.
  • Equipment Assembly: Assembling playground equipment according to manufacturer instructions and safety guidelines.
  • Safety Surfacing Installation: Laying down appropriate surfacing materials like wetpour, rubber mulch, or artificial grass to cushion falls and provide a safe play area.
  • Compliance with Standards: Ensuring all installations meet relevant safety standards and regulations, such as those set by the EN 1176 in Europe.
  • Inspection and Testing: Conducting thorough inspections and tests on the equipment and surfacing to ensure everything is secure and safe for use.
  • Maintenance and Repairs: Providing maintenance services to keep equipment in good condition and making repairs as needed.
  • Consultation and Design Input: Offering advice on playground design, equipment selection, and layout to maximize safety, functionality, and user enjoyment.
  • Client Communication: Communicating with clients throughout the process to ensure their needs and expectations are met.
  • Documentation: Completing any necessary documentation, such as safety certificates or maintenance guides.
  • Educating Clients: Instructing clients on proper maintenance practices and safety checks to ensure long-term safety and durability of the playground.

Playground installers play a crucial role in creating safe, engaging, and durable play areas for children.

Why are Playgrounds Important?

Playgrounds are important for several reasons, contributing significantly to child development and community well-being:

  • Physical Health: They promote physical activity, aiding in the development of strength, coordination, and overall fitness.
  • Social Skills: Playgrounds are social hubs where children learn to interact, share, and develop friendships, enhancing their social competence.
  • Cognitive Development: Through play, children improve problem-solving skills, creativity, and imagination.
  • Emotional Well-being: Playgrounds provide a space for fun and relaxation, helping to reduce stress and improve mood.
  • Motor Skills Development: Equipment like swings, slides, and climbing frames helps in the development of both fine and gross motor skills.
  • Risk-Taking and Resilience: They offer a safe environment for children to take risks, learn from mistakes, and build resilience.
  • Inclusivity: Inclusive playgrounds allow children of all abilities to play together, promoting understanding and empathy.
  • Connection with Nature: Outdoor playgrounds help children connect with nature, fostering an appreciation for the environment.
  • Community Building: They act as community centres, where families can meet and build community bonds.
  • Learning Opportunities: Playgrounds often incorporate educational elements, providing informal learning opportunities.

In essence, playgrounds are vital for holistic child development and for building strong, healthy communities.


We are a leading playground construction company that works across the nation.

Our company offers some of the best equipment in the industry and can work to design all kinds of playgrounds for our customers.

To aid in children’s development and socialisation, safe outdoor play areas are incredibly important and we can help you make such an area on your site.

To work with us, please get in touch today.

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